In October 2004, Vineyard Productions teamed up with the San Francisco Indie Club to create the award-winning short film, “Widow Maker”.

Eleanor Bollinger has been an abused wife for many years. Her husband Frank has been killing the men in town and forcing their widows to work in the local bordello. Sally Parker, Eleanor's sister, is released from prison after attempting to murder Frank and now she's coming back to town to finish off that dirty deed! But Frank insists on killing Sally first. Can Eleanor stop the impending showdown between her abusive husband and beloved sister?

Produced as an entry for the National Film Challenge, “Widow Maker” is a film that was written, shot, edited and scored in just 72 hours. “Widow Maker” competed with films created by 161 teams from across the US, Europe and Canada. “Widow Maker” won three awards at the 2004 National Film Challenge to include Best Western, Best Costumes and Best Shaving Incident. “Widow Maker” was also accepted to the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival in April 2005.