The teen drama “Two Moons” tells the story of a mixed breed (Caucasian/Native American) teenage girl who prefers virtual reality to her everyday life, but must emerge from her chat room cocoon to stop evil casino developers from destroying a sacred Indian burial ground.

Writer/director, Paul Martin has over eighteen years experience in the film industry as an assistant director. He has directed two short films and produced one; all three have received national recognition and awards. He was recently elected Chairman of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) Executive Committee of San Francisco.

A family-oriented film, “Two Moon” is anticipated to have a PG rating. The film has been budgeted by Nancy Paloian (Producer: “Antwone Fisher,” “Woman on Top,” and “Dude, Where's My Car”) and DGA Production Manager Lope Yap (“Monk”) in the $5 million range. As some of the pre-production work is already completed, it is anticipated pre-production will take an additional 3 weeks, Principal Photography will take 5 weeks, and Post Production will take 15 weeks.

Personnel for key crew positions (Production Designer, Director of Photography, First Assistant Director, Location Manager and Casting Director) have been identified and preliminary work has begun in those respective departments. Locations have been scouted in Northern California and a possible cast list has been developed.

Comparable Films:




World Gross






Bend It Like Beckham




Whale Rider


$59.5 M


The Lizzie McGuire Movie


$82.7 M


Fly Away Home


$42.7 M

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