Executive Summary

Logline: “My Cousin Vinny” meets “Saving Grace” in this courtroom comedy. “Mrs. Crutchfield Goes to Jail” tells the story of a woman who frames herself for murder to get health care in prison.

When diagnosed with an aggressive tumor requiring immediate medical attention and lacking health insurance, Mrs. Crutchfield embarks on a dire plan and concocts the fake murder of her friend Helen. This heinous crime, juxtaposed against the backdrop of the bucolic wine country, becomes a high profile case that will rocket Prosecutor Jim Collings straight to the State Attorney General position. An incompetent Public Defender, Herbert Munson (more full of himself than legal knowledge), and overwhelming circumstantial evidence make it a slam-dunk.

But complications arise when the case becomes a capital crime and Jim suspects Mrs. Crutchfield's con. Trial procedure turns upside down as prosecutor Jim must prove Mrs. Crutchfield's innocence despite the best efforts of her own defense attorney.

This broad comedy is anticipated to have a PG-13 rating and a $1.5 million budget. Pre-Production should take six weeks, Principal Photography is estimated at six weeks, and Post Production is projected to be approximately fifteen weeks.

Personnel for key crew positions (UPM, Production Designer, Director of Photography, First Assistant Director, Location Manager and Casting Director) have already been identified.


Comparable Films:





US Gross


My Cousin Vinny




Saving Grace




Waking Ned Devine


$43.5 M

The script is currently in development. For more information, please CONTACT US.